How to develop partnerships and obtain funding

“Teachers need to know they are not alone and that there are so many networks and avenues of support available.”

Many of us work in isolation as teachers, especially as RE teachers in primary, middle, secondary or further educational settings.  Therefore partnerships, networking and gaining funding to support professional development are vitally important, especially where our subject is marginalised.

Developing partnerships are so important to the growth of our subject whether from a local NATRE group, SACRE, RE Today, Interfaith groups, Universities, local authority, your local diocese or other associations.

Building on the partnership of hosting University of Worcester trainees at our school, we have launched a joint partnership with local schools and the University to form a local

NATRE RE group pictured above supported by other RE professionals, including a visit from the mayor of Worcester on this instance.  The aim of the group has been to provide resources that can be used in the classroom, practical responses to the ‘Commission on RE’ and a free conference on Friday 14th June for sixth form students.

This year as a school we were fortunate to gain a grant for £450 to complete the RE Quality Mark, a further £600 from the Jerusalem Trust for Christian resources and £2k from Culham St. Gabriel’s to form new local NATRE groups and help support conferences.

I believe that any member of staff can start a networking group and apply for funding, creatively resourcing RE, increasing confidence, providing mutual support and give you the hope that you are not alone. Below is a list of some of the trusts that support RE teaching, CPD and higher education courses.

Written by Chris Giles – West Midlands Regional Ambassador and Head of RS – South Bromsgrove High School @sbhsrs  

Here are some links to some useful websites for funding:

Culham St. Gabriel’s Trust: Culham St.Gabriels Trust support RE projects in the UK, including higher education courses.
All Saints Educational Trust: All Saints Educational Trust for students and teachers in the UK.
Edward Cadbury Trust: Quaker foundation mainly operating in the Midlands area for Interfaith and Multi-faith Relations.
The Hockerill Foundation:  Individual grants to support the education and training of RE teachers.
Farmington Institute: Providing scholarships and funding for University courses.
Keswick Hall Trust: To promote and support RE in all schools throughout the United Kingdom.
The Jerusalem Trust: The Jerusalem Trust – to advance Christian education and learning.
NASBBT: NASBTT is a charity that supports schools-led programmes of CPD.
RE Quality Mark: Provide funding for RE Quality Mark and contributions for RE courses.
St Christopher’s Educational Trust: St Christopher’s Educational Trust – improving the delivery of RE and supporting scholarships.
St Matthias Trust:  Advancement of education in Bath & Wells and Gloucestershire, Further and Higher Education
St Luke’s College Foundation: The advancement of further and higher education in RE and Theology
St Peter’s Saltley Trust: St Peter’s Saltley Trust – Supporting Christian learning, discipleship and theological education.
Sarum St Michael Foundation: Sarum St Michael Foundation – Funding for RE in Salisbury and nearby areas in the UK



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